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Le document Operation and Maintenance Manual que me fait parvenir David Leddy sur gmail le 13 juin 2019 a une section Maintenance aux pages 96 à 101 (reproduites ci-dessous). Brett Wolfe dit ici qu’une façon de savoir si le moteur comporte une shallow ou une deep sump est de tester avec un aimant:

And the shallow vs deep sump could be had on any 3126– the deep sump was an option. Safari was one of the few who ordered deep sumps. Shallow sump is stamped steel (i.e. smooth and magnet will stick to it)
Deep sump is cast aluminum (ribbed) and magnet will not stick to it. Huge difference in capacity– you need to know which you have! You could also call the Caterpillar RV hotline with your engine serial number to find out: 877 777-3126. 

Il me reste à trouver ce damné numéro de série de moteur. Jim Exler sur mon même post:

There is usually a decal on the valve cover of the engine with the SN and other data. Mine was on the top nearer the fan. There was also a small decal at the rear of the cover on the passenger side. Most likely your SN starts with 1WM. The file you are looking for is « CatDieselMaint plus 2005.pdf ». It will list the various SN prefixes and engine models.

trouvé finalement : Numéro de série du moteur 1WM01549

Pour les fluides, voir ce post. Mel y dit entre autres:

I use Cat ELC, (the pre-mix type), and Rotella 15w/40 HD oil.
Mel S
250hp 3126 Cat, (125,000 miles)

En ce qui concerne le engine coolant (CAT ELC), quelqu’un met en garde:

Remember that if you are getting the pre-mixed version of ELC, you will also need some « concentrate » (non pre-mixed), because when you flush the system and drain, you will still have some water in the system that will act as a diluent. Hard to estimate the amount, but I used two gallons of concentrate, then filled with pre-mix. You could also, of course, buy all concentrate and do the dilution yourself (preferably with distilled water).

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