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Ma radio: Delco Model 30015812

Un post sur la question de l’installation d’une nouvelle radio dans le Safari. Extrait:

If you take your original radio with you to a store like Best Buy or the Charlottesville Crutchfield store they will be able to match a wiring harness to whichever replacement radio you choose. BTW, my Best Buy did not have the correct harness in stock but they did order the correct one for me…which made the wiring of my replacement Pioneer radio « plug and play ».
’96 Safari

Your OEM Radio should be the same as a 97 Buick Regal. That is what I used as a reference when I ordered my radio, mounting kit and wire harness plug from Crutchfield.  HTH 

I thought I would update this.  Perhaps my experience will be helpful to someone in the future who is searching for guidance on installing an aftermarket radio.

I received the new radio, Pioneer FH-X520UI, yesterday.  After I took out the OEM radio, I discovered that none of the installation accessories I got will work.  Obviously, Safari used different radios?

I spent some time again searching the internet for the Delco radio, Model 30015812, and found this site: http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/30015812.html   It gives the make and model of vehicles for which this was OEM.  The site says this was OEM on Chevrolet (Geo) Tracker among others for certain years, so I looked for a wiring harness adapter for a 1996 Geo Tracker 4WD.  Once I got the adapter part number, I searched until I found a good photo of the business end of the adapter.  It is a perfect match to the socket on the back of the OEM radio.  Through the miracle of Ebay and $4.99 (free shipping!) Scosche adapter IM01B should be here in a couple of days (edit: sur Amazon)

The antenna plug on my Safari fits the new radio, so the antenna adapter was not needed.

The dash kit doesn’t work either, but I found it easy enough to modify the OEM brackets for the new radio, so that is good.  It just involved drilling holes in the OEM brackets in the right places to match the screw sockets on the sides of the new radio. Installed in the dash, the new radio fits well enough that a trim ring is probably not necessary.  I found a trim ring available for another $3.99 if I decide I need it.

In hindsight, I should have pulled the radio earlier and searched until I found information on the OEM radio and which cars/trucks it was originally used in.  I erroneously assumed that the same radio (or at least the same wiring harness) was used in all Safaris over a period of several years.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in with information.


Site Android Auto – le forum
Certaines radios Pioneer et Kenwood sont compatibles.
Voir pour Power Acoustic (email avec un vendeur dans Cote-des-Neiges)
Question intéressante: combien de data on utilise avec Google Maps? Si on peut tel qu’on le dit tout faire offline (et à la limite de temps en temps utiliser les données cellulaires), pourquoi pas avoir ma tablette installée sur le dash qui servirait de GPS (et qui sait, peut-être pourrais-je brancher une caméra sans fil dessus?). A ce moment là, une simple radio bluetooth ferait l’affaire. Vlad me propose le modèle Power Acoustic PD-623 pour 350$ qui inclut un lecteur DVD et surtout une sortie qui permet d’envoyer le signal vers un écran télé (peut être très pratique pour les enfants). Trouvé ici pour 210$! 5357 Henri-Bourassa E, Montreal Nord (514-321-2404). Sur ebay, 157$ avec shipping + import charges mais je ne sais pas si ca inclut les taxes ou pas (9 à 18 jours de livraison). Un autre trouvé sur kijiji fait le même prix (220$), Sammy au 438-989-2614, magasin au 7890 Pie-IX.
Bon vidéo sur la pose et la soudure des fils.
Un gars ici propose ses services de pose à domicile pour 80$. Stéphane, 514-553-5051. Me propose aussi le pioneer avh 291bt pour 300$ avant taxes. Me met en garde: mon trou est il vraiment double din ou 1.5 din?

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