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Un post intéressant sur le chauffage central dans le Safari. Extraits:

There is a valve at the propane tank.  Is it turned on?  You should have two valves, in fact.  The furnace uses the line labeled VAPOR.  Your generator uses the other one.  If the gas is turned on, then there is also a valve inside the furnace.  It is controlled by a combination of the thermostat and air flow.  With a sufficiently charged house battery bank and good connections, the fan inside the furnace must run and push sufficient air to open what is called a « sail switch ».  That, in turn, allows the inside the furnace to open and the igniter to spark to light the gas.  Flame goes out, gas flow ceases.

’98 Sahara 2006 300CAT


I have had a similar furnace problem twice in the 16 years I’ve owned my Sahara.
One time the sail switch had failed and I replaced it….. the other time the control board needed to be replaced.

The only gas valve for the furnace that I know, of, (other than the shut off valve on the propane tank), is the « solenoid gas valve » in the furnace itself, (#26 on this drawing):

BTW if the furnace blows, then fires momentarily but does not continue to burn… suspect a bad « flame sensor electrode », (#22 on that drawing).

’96 Sahara, Suburban SF-42F furnace.

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First, let me say that I pretty much know how the furnaces operate.

That having been said, the furnace in my « new » Serengeti doesn’t seem to work.  It comes on but no flame.  So, before I start chasing my tail, the big question, is there a valve to control gas flow to the furnace?  I looked into the cabinet after removing the inlet grill, but see no valve.  Is there one hiding somewhere?

Like I can’t find the solar panel regulator either!

Roland Hyatt
Fallon, Nevada
1995 Serengeti 35

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